Astellar brunch.

Astellar yucca hash + smoked pork loin + truffles + farm fresh egg + avocado + berries for my husband.
I can not eat nightshades therefore, I can’t eat potatoes. So sad for me. I LOVE potatoes. Alas, I discovered I can eat yucca and sweet potatoes so I am currently making recipes containing these substitutes.



astellar dining chair project

#astellar dining chair project. I bought this pair of chairs at urban ore for $12. Similar ones at pottery barn retail for $250+ each. Sanded and repainted in gray. #diy


Peonies are my favorite in case you were wondering.



Astellar Life Hack.

I made a fried egg sandwich for breakfast this morning, but boy was my egg an UGLY, messy shape. I wanted to use a circle cookie cutter to cut around this mess after I cooked it. Alas, I didn’t have one, but out of the corner of my eye I saw a mason jar lid ring! I popped out the lid top and cut a perfect circle out of my ugly egg. Success! Life hacked.



Fruitvale Station takes home a couple big wins at the Gotham Awards.

Michael B Jordan, Mel Diaz, and Ryan Coogler have been having a very good week. Here is a pic I snagged from Mel’s Instagram after MBJ won at the Gotham Awards last night. So proud to have fed these talented actors on this movie. ❤️



Catering life.